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Customer Testimonials worlwide

Some Feedback from our Customers:

„Thanks for the prompt service.  I know you probably hear it all the time but I so appreciate being rescued from the GS1 site and all the quagmire I was trawling through just to get 6 bar codes.“ – Jo C – Australia

„This is fantastic – thanks so much for sending this through Amelia – and for the refund! Will make sure all the guys here at the office know about your service!“ – Amanda I – Australia

„I must admit I was not expecting such a quick and extremely helpful response.  We really appreciate this and I would recommend your service to anyone looking for barcodes.“ – Christy – Ireland

„Hello David… Thanks again for the barcode. We’ll get back to you if more are needed, and I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends.“ – Jayesh – India

„Thank you David for your prompt reply, as ever!… No doubt I will look to you again for more assistance.“ – Sharon – New Zealand

„I’ve just re-ordered! So glad I made the decision to buy from you. I’ve had no problem using the previous 4 barcodes purchased over the last year with any of my retailers throughout the UK. There should be more ‘non-ripoff’ companies with good customer service like yours.“ Sandy – UK

„Thanks for that – excellent service 🙂   We plan to use the barcode on our Go NZ Immigration DVD that we’ll release later this year. Thanks again & best regards.“ – Brian – New Zealand

„This note is simply to let you know how well my previous Barcode, ordered from you 2nd August 2009, has worked for me. It’s on a sea kayaking DVD that sells around the world, including USA, Canada, NZ and Australia…I have no hesitation in recommending you.“ – Simon – UK

„This time around you have beaten your own record — I got all the images yesterday itself, barely a few hours after I had placed my order!!“ – Sanjiv – India